The following is an update on the previously published 2005 report on our ongoing 29½ -year plus research project to study the interaction of two people
who are always right, yet never agree.

When the study of the two people who are always right, yet never agree was first published in 2005, it had been in process for 19 ½ years with the same participants (hence forth referred to as the ‘Phelps party’, with NO similarities to the historic ‘Donner party.’) It has continued with June 6 annual renewals of the written contracts and a legally binding marriage with no suicides or successful murder attempts on behalf of the participants. As a full 10 years have elapsed since the last published report of the two people who are always right, yet never agree, and the participants have completed another full 10 years of the project, now at an unbelievable 29 ½ years, it was felt that in the interest of science, a printed update was necessary at this time.

Postal costs have again risen, and the inclusion of social media in our lives has become so prevalent, that the study of two people who are always right but never agree, will now be published in its’ generational entirety only on the Phelps Phamily Christmas blog, where additional chapters will be added annually at the beginning of the holiday season. The study can be found at It must be cautioned that this study is extremely unusual and should not be attempted with ordinary, sane, and rational human beings or untranqulized wild animals.

The study participants, Chr’s and Julie Phelps, of the Phelps party, had previously been assisted by three low paid research assistants (Hannah, Elizabeth, and Shannon.) The assistants have evolved and reached the majority age, and then some. They have continued to add their two cents into primary study decisions via long distance methods of communication. Another full time assistant was added matrimonially in June (i.e. – Riley married Hannah,) with the consent of the study principals in yet another example of how two people who are always right but never agree can come to the same correct conclusion but with two differing stands. Riley, recruited into the project by Hannah, was allowed to remain because Julie felt that with a background in the health sciences he was stable and logical. Chr’s felt the team was unbalanced with the estrogen level far exceeding the testosterone level and after so many years, another male perspective was highly necessary. During Hannah’s annual review to determine if she would be allowed to continue in assisting this critically important study, she was commended for picking such a fine assistant. Hannah was overheard while conversing with her sisters shortly afterward, reporting that she had been unaware that she was recruiting a new assistant, she thought she was just “in love.”

Not to be caught without secondary assistants of their own, Shannon has hired a recent UMD grad who goes by Ryan, and Liz a fellow RCTC student named AJ. It is felt that both are good additions to the team and proved their worth with a road trip to the June vows where they produced stellar performances making popcorn and following directions. A team-building event on the growth and reorganization of the project is planned for January in the Caribbean. All are expected to attend and either burn like Chr’s or tan like Julie. It will be made clear to the primary and secondary assistants that the focus remains on the principals of the study of two people who are always right yet never agree, and not necessarily on the addition of the ‘three hot guys.’

The steady decline and loss of the canine companion in year 29 was difficult, and it is felt most deeply by the squirrel population surrounding the research center. In an effort to fill the void, it appears that the squirrels have quadrupled their population and full-blown research and development into lessening the squirrel population is in progress by the principal study participants. In a classic example of the processes of the two people who are always right yet never agree, Chr’s is for limited tactical engagement of the enemy using tried and true methods to reverse the growth trend, while Julie is for global thermo nuclear warfare and will accept nothing short of complete genocide.

No capital improvements have been made on the main study building and grounds this year, but because all of the research assistants have opted to open branch facilities in other cities this necessitated removal and replacement of many furniture items. Which led to offices and parking assignments being reallocated, separately, to the two people who are always right, but never agree. Julie, of course, retains the prime garage spot, but Chr’s gets his own garage, much to each’s satisfaction.

As 30 year marriages such as this one are relatively unheard of, again, it must be cautioned that a study as intense as one which follows two people who are always right, but never agree, should not be replicated without the backing of trained professionals. They must have background in all marital aspects including the raising of children from birth through hamsters and goldfish, middle school, first jobs, college, and marriage with contractual compromises pre-established in writing so that when differing views arise, they can be quickly evaluated and acted upon, as dictated in the original study terms following the policy that two people can, indeed, be always right, but never agree. These philosophies are passed down and expected to flourish in the next generation, so the study continues to be written down for historical purposes in the Phelps Phamily Christmas blog. We hope you continue to be enlightened and/or entertained by visiting that site every year for the annual update!

In final conclusive summary statements in the study of two rational people, with adult children, who are always right, yet never agree…

Chr’s wishes you Merry Christmas, Live Long and prosper, May the odds be ever in your favor, and may the next Bond film actually be good.

Julie wishes you health and happiness (and if you don’t have your own nurse in the family consider yourself questioned about regular bowel habits, hot flashes, sodium levels and excessive ear wax.)

Hannah and Riley wish you continued sanity if you already have it, therapy if you don’t.

Liz and AJ wish you Merry Christmas and Merii Kurisumasu.

Shannon and Ryan wish you a very festive 4th of July.

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